So-Bad Sunday! --Sometimes things are SO bad that they are good.

Today's So-Bad Sunday offering is actually live-action...well, it's half live-action. If you've ever wondered about the overly expressive gestures and gesticulations of anime and manga characters and thought to yourself, "Self, I wonder what that might look like in real life." Well, wonder no more.

A trio of Philippine students in the video below, created by moymoypalaboy, addresses the sometimes disturbing smirks, smiles and grimaces worn by anime characters. And although I find this video highly creative and extremely amusing, I still want to offer it as a So-Bad Sunday! post. The intentionally bad nature of the video, and the oftentimes painful faces made by the trio, draw attention to the fact that most anime would be fairly startling were it translated into live-action in a direct way. Things can be so bad that they're actually good.

I have to admit these guys are great. Fantastic even. Look at the dedication to the (near humiliating) task of syncing their actions pefectly to the trio of anime girls syncing the Backstreet Boys...stunning! And sort of shame-inducing...and creepy, don't forget creepy.

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