Geekend Round-up!

Dear Readers, Hello!

While M is an ant and writes her posts weeks in advance, I am a grasshopper and I fly by the seat of my pants! It is Labor Day Weekend, and thus, this bard has not yet labored in service to anything that might have the word "productivity" attached to it.

No, no work, indeed, for that would be an affront to this special holiday that so many workers of the world toiled to beget, so that I could lay down and do nothing. Still, there is no holiday from being a geek. At least not yet.

I spent most of my weekend in the city (The City being San Francisco, and not The Town, my dear Oakland, where I hang my hat). Scrabble was played, and I was put to shame. Yesterday, my friends and I took a long walk through Pacific Heights and the Presidio, which is so restful and smells so fragrant the experience can only be recreated by putting on a New Age music CD whilst sniffing a satchel of potpourri.

Then it was off to breakfast in J-town. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and french fries to start the day, followed by a very fresh and very tasty red bean taiyaki and a Diet Coke! CRAZY! Someone call the paddy wagon, for I have gone B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

This display of gluttony was followed by a small shopping spree, and I am now the owner of some Relax Bear folders, a kitchen backsplash, some scarves and a darning needle! Luckily, my pockets were empty by the time I got to the manga shop and all the things I was thinking about reading became a little less essential in my mind.

For those high-density urban residents who have not yet gone to Daiso I recommend a trip! There are many cheap items (upon which my eco-centric self usually frowns), which can be very useful in the postage stamp sized apartments of us city dwellers. From Tupperware all kinds, to space savers, compact drying racks to cleaning supplies and candy, this store literally has everything, and it is all about $1.50 a pop.

Additionally, you can find great items like this swan shaped inflatable penis:


Or, your very own set of novelty breasts as described on this blog

I somehow managed to practice restraint with the above items and left only with what I could reasonably carry back home on the bus.

Today, I'm taking a cue from my cat and celebrating the holiday with a nap. I hope you all are having a wonderful long weekend, too!


James Parker Lombard said...

You know, I could have helped write a Winchester Wednesday post. Then you'd have SOMETHING posted.

William Shakespeare said...

Oh, look who the cat dragged in.

You'll have to work a little harder than that to get to post here, little mister.

Where have you been all my life?