No. 6, Post Season Impressions

Shion aka Sion & Nezumi

I just finished watching the last episode of the anime No. 6 . The season was pretty abbreviated at only 11 episodes. I had high expectations and hopes from the beginning. I really loved the dystopian storyline and animation. I also very much like the two protagonists Shion aka Sion and Nezumi aka Rat. There were some very faint Shonen-ai undertones, but I figured it would be more like a "bonded for some unclear reason" type of thing, which, for the most part it was.

I watched this weekly, but would like to see it in one go, as it seemed like there were some gaps in the narrative. Is it just me or was there just not enough space for the story? All in all, the show was evocative of a feeling I like, and I looked forward to it every week.

The final episode should have been split between two. It felt like a bit like a cop out with its happy ending, apocalypse and all.

Also, I'm sure that there was a collective high-pitched squee rising up like a sonic wave from the fangirl-iverse at the very end. Watch the show, and you'll understand. In the meanwhile, cover your ears. Some windows might be breaking.

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