So-Bad Sunday! All Nippon Air Line (manga)

Oh, hohoho! All Nippon Air Line...I see what you did there A.N.A.L.!

Dear Kei Azumaya,

Your manga nearly made me cry. No, not in a good way.

Could you please advise me on your publication process and experience, because, quite honestly, if this made its way not only into publication, but translation as well, then I'm pretty sure I could make it big on the manga scene with very little effort, zero plot and no discernible story line.

What disturbs me the most about your work, though, is not the stupid punny title (A.N.A.L.), or the blatant stereotyping of gay men as sex-hungry droids only interested in looks, money or satisfaction, or even the very obvious lack of any cohesive story line or characterization...what got me was this: for something entitled A.N.A.L. there was zero graphic sex. Not that I wanted to see it, mind you. In fact, I more than half-appreciate its absence, but I still find the lack of graphic sex rather disturbing. Had this manga been nothing more than scene after scene of porn quality plot and writing coupled with some graphic artwork, then I'd be all..."Okay, not my thing, but whatever. It's just porn," and then I'd move on to something else, hardly having noticed anything at all. But it didn't even have I found myself wondering, "Self, what IS this?"

Thankfully, because I am clever, I was able to come up with an answer...IT IS BAD!

Very, very bad.

Seriously, did you get paid for this?
Dr. M

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