Thanks, M, For Holding Down The Fort :)

Hi Everyone,

Ms. Shakespeare here. The last month and a half has definitely been rough. If my life were the panel of a manga, I'd be all wild hair, head down, headphones on, gritty look on my face, fists clenched and wind, wind, wind.

But this isn't a manga, and the truth is, I'm just a nice Midwestern girl who is only super bad-ass in her own mind. I live in a great place and have enough to eat and though things have been difficult, I'm lucky.

Thanks, M, for holding down the fort while I go through my stuff and also for letting me yell at you. You're the best friend and co-blogger this lady could have!

I think I'm back!

William (Sir Francis Bacon) Shakespeare

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Dr. M said...

Ms. Sir Francis Bacon,

It's fine. Just as long as you recognize the extreme wonderfulness of me. ;)

I suppose you're pretty wonderful too.

Dr. M