Ta-Ta Tuesday! Amaenaideyo!! (Anime)

GROPERY! It's all for a good cause...I swear!

Amaenaideyo!! with two, count'em, TWO exclamation points appears to be about a 16-year-old Shinto priest-in-training named Ikko.  Ikko gains spiritual superpowers when he becomes aroused, and in his super-charged, power-up state can defeat all sorts of supernatural chicanery, shinanigains, no-good-nik-ism and scallywaggification. It's a good thing for everyone involved that Ikko is surrounded by a group of teenaged nuns-in-training with plenty of bodacious ta-tas for viewing.

Fondling! Also for a good cause, maybe?
Either way, it's booby exposure every other minute in just the first episode. The pilot, cleverly entitled "Don't Make Me Come." (Bwahahahah?) centers on a yearly Shinto memorial ceremony for "retiring" old dolls and stuffed animals who have absorbed human feelings over their lifetime of love. Unfortunately, someone snuck in a uppity British porcelain doll, who seems to be posessed by an uppity British bitch who is unaffected by the sutras for purification because she's foreign...although she still speaks Japanese, so...? Anyway, BOOBIES!
Some are intentionally exposed to power-up poor Ikko, who is kind of a pervert.
Some are exposed as a result of "unfortunate accidents" in typical, "Oops, I saw your whatnots!" moments.
Some are the result of those frisky, underaged nuns-in-training trying to annoy each other.
Some seem just randomly to pop out...blam, boobies!

So, I don't think I'll continue this series, but if you are interested in things like perverted underaged priests, sexual innuendos, scantily clad teen nuns, or really, really stupid puns, then you might like it, Dear Readers. It honestly isn't bad, it's just not my cup of tea (served by an uppity British porcelain doll).

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