The Color of the Clear Blue Sky

Publisher: DMG
Audience: 16+

Thank goodness I read this manga right after writing my last review. It stands in clear counterpoint. The material could have been creepy, but it's not. Sakae, a student teacher struggles with the deep love and affection he has felt for his former elementary school teacher and mentor, Fukada. As adults they work side by side at the same school where years earlier they were only teacher and student.

The story is cute and sweet. Sakae is fragile but hard working. People always seem concerned with his health. Fukada is much changed by the years that have gone by since Sakae was his student. He's not as clean cut, or as visibly dedicated to his students. There are rumors that he was stalked.

Sakae doesn't struggle so much with his own sexuality as with his feelings. Is Fukada a former teacher, a father figure or a potential lover? In the past, Fukada said he would be Sakae's strength. Will he actually be able to fill that deliver on that promise? Fukada is a different person than Sakae remembers. Can Sakae accept him as he is now?

This is a cute little manga with not too much angst, appropriate longing, mutual affection and consent, not overly graphic, a happy ending, and my "I just want to read something adorable" stamp of approval.



Dr. M said...

Hey, I did read this one. Very cute and sweet. I like Fukada's character...kind of a sloppy kid-at-heart. An adorable fun read.

William Shakespeare said...

Yeah. He's cute. Also, I don't get a creepy vibe from him, like he really only sees Sukae as a love interest now that they are both on equal footing. And, he is not perfect.