Ta-Ta Tuesday! Bleach--Anime

I've written about Bleach before, so I don't want to do a full recap, but I do want to offer it as the first installment of the (hopefully) ongoing edition of Ta-Ta Tuesday!

Chizuru Honsho is a lesbian, with a major boob fetish. She's a minor character in the series, who spends most of her scenes practially drooling over the ample chests of her classmates. There are a lot of boobs on display in, today's Ta-Ta Tuesday! will point out two (four?) of the "biggest" characters in Bleach.

Here we see Chizuru using a hug as an excuse to cop a feel on Orahime's VERY ample bosom.
That looks like it hurts...ouch.

Bleach is about soul-reapers, fighting-spirit, friendship, sacrifice...and really big breasts. There are a lot of characters, aside from the super-voluptuous Orahime, who have more than their fair share of anime-boobosity.

Oh, do I have really big boobs? I hadn't noticed because
I am super-sweet and innocent.

Despite her appearance, Orahime is rather demure. She doesn't pay much attention to them, but I do. In nearly every episode I cannot help but say something about her melons. Usually along the lines of, "Man, look at those things! They're ridiculous!"

Other Bleach characters with large breasts are less demure, and some have breasts so large that seem as if they could hinder their fighting ability:

Rangiku Matsumoto is a lieutenant of the 10th division of the Soul Society, and she is a pretty bad-ass fighter, so it's sort of confusing how her boobs don't get in the way (mine get in a way of a lot of things, and hers are bigger).

Well, hellooooo fanboys! Rangiku is in a school-girl uniform,
and she is going to be staying at Orahime's house.
Let the wild speculation begin!
Quite a few of the Arrancar ladies have big boobs as well, including Nel (centaur boobs). Seriously, how do these ladies fight with those boobs? I mean...really? Now, boobs aren't the main focus of the series, but I"m sure they do help attract a male viewership. Who doesn't want to see those things bouncing around the screen? BANKAI! (Gross.)

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