No. 6, Episodes 4, 5 & 6

Safu feels the winds of change.

This anime is getting more interesting, maybe because it becomes more obscure as it moves forward. There is a melancholic feeling.

For three episodes, Shion and Nezumi's relationship progress. We still don't know why Nezumi wants to see No. 6 wiped off the map, except that it exemplifies excess at the expense of others. Shion grows more and more dedicated to Nezumi by the day and seems to defy the disturbing and violent reality of the land outside No. 6.

The death bees seem to be getting ready for an all out assault, much to Nezumi's pleasure. Shion wants to forestall the bee virus by offering his blood as a serum. Nezumi believes they will become enemies if Shion remains attached to the city.

Meanwhile, Safu returns from No. 5 because her grandmother is dead. She learns that Shion has been marked as a felon. She visits his mother to learn that he has escaped the city. Safu vows to follow Shion, because she loves him.

Before she gets very far, she is picked up by police and detained.

I like Safu, but for some reason, I feel like she is going to end up coming between Nezumi and Shion who are clearly bound to each other for some mysterious reason.

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