Squeefinity: So-Bad Sunday! -- Almost Crying (Manga)

First, Dear Readers, welcome to this historic occasion. Ms. Shakespeare and I have been discussing the blog and have decided that we need some "days." These "days" will be something to both motivate us towards regular updates, and to create some structure to our rambling reviews (delicious though they may be). You have stumbled on the first of these "days," which shall henceforth be known throughout the land as "SO-BAD SUNDAY!"

So-Bad Sunday! reviews will be the worst of the worst in anime and manga, as decided upon by your hostesses. My very first offering for So-Bad Sunday! is Mako Takahashi's Almost Crying. A yaoi (boy/boy) manga with such stunningly (barfy) cutesy artwork that it makes me feel like...well, it makes me feel gross. Exceedingly gross. Why? Well, friends, I'll show you.

Nothing wrong with that video, right? I mean other than the crappy music. Maybe it looks a bit "precious," but it's about kids, right? NO! It's not about kids. The manga itself is a collection of eight short vignettes about first loves, and all of them have the same chibi (adorable cute) illustrations...regardless of the content. Do you see where I'm going with this, Dear Readers? Yes, there. This is rated 16+ for young adults because it contains sex. Sex. And ALL the characters look like six year olds, regardless of their age. The back cover says "Artwork so cuddly cute-looking you'd wanna take these boys home to start a harem!" No, back cover, I don't even want to own this, because it is gross! I feel like in order to appreciate this manga, and the mediocre/inappropriate stories it contains, I will first need to grow a 1970s pedi-stache. This manga would be sort of skeevy anyway, even without the disturbing art, because it contains some incest, some human/merman sex, and some weird twin-swapping story. None of the stories make sense, all of them are absurdly simplistic despite their creepiness, and general, this is bad, bad stuff. DO NOT WANT!

In a related note, in honor of So-Bad Sunday!, I would like to offer up a contest to you, Dear Readers. If you are the first person to make a recommendation for a review on our blog (just post it in the comments), I will send you your very own free copy of Almost Crying. I know, I know. How can I be so generous? Well, I'm just a giving person. So, recommend away! And you can read this horribly uncomfortable manga in the comfort of your own home (and get it out of mine).

Be on the lookout for the very first Ta-Ta Tuesday post in a few days. Ta-Ta Tuesdays will honor all things booblicious about anime and manga. There are a lot of large breasts in anime and manga--why not celebrate/lament that fact with a weekly post about the most boobtastic manga and anime we can find. Hooray for boobies!

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