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In honor of their 801 line of Yaoi manga, Digital Manga Publishing and Akadot are celebrating Yaoi Week with some fairly good sales. All this week 8/01 to 8/08 discount bundles of random yaoi will be available. Plus if you buy $30 dollars worth of books they'll throw in some mystery gifts. (I like a mystery gift!)

Your mystery gift will not be a fruit tart, I can almost guarantee that!
But it could be some yummy food-centered manga!

Although they are pushing Yaoi this week, remember that DMP doesn't JUST produce yaoi manga.  They do have a wide range of other titles for those of you who aren't as into the boy/boy as, me?

I usually wouldn't be pushing you, Dear Readers, to part with your well-earned money, but after the sad/slightly-expected demise of TokyoPop in the spring, it seems important for us anime-junkies and manga-philes to support the industry. While it is true (I remember seeing a t-shirt that said this, so it MUST be true) that crack is a cheaper addiction than anime/manga, please consider giving back to the those publishers/distributers/manga-ka who form the supply line for your addiction...and lay off the crack. DMP isn't a huge company, but they are prolific, and they do produce (mostly) decent translations (there have been a few glaring exceptions) of Japanese-language manga into English. They also carry quite a few of the titles Ms. Shakespeare and I have reviewed, including some of my favorites Yellow, Little Butterfly and Love Song for the Miserable and Ms. Shakespeare's favorites from Fumi Yoshinaga (Antique Bakery). If you've been tempted to purchase some of the titles we review, think about doing it now while there are deep discounts to be had--I saw a copy of Antique Bakery listed for $4.00...that is cheap!

So, go support these distributors who so kindly feed the addiction for your hostesses here on Squeefinity.

More reviews to come!

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