So Bad Sunday - A Fallen Saint's Kiss - You Higashino

Merry Christmas! Dear Readers, even this happy holiday won't keep me from delivering today's So-Bad Sunday. Today's offering A Fallen Saint's Kiss is just straight up hentai. Hey, Pron, we have to stop meeting like this! I'd really like a So-Bad Sunday that was bad because the plot was amazingly terrible, but I just keep encountering books of such smutty proportions (even when I'm not seeking them out).

This is a rare instance where you won't see any images from this comic on our blog because, frankly, it's too graphic. I thought there was a prohibition in Japan against displaying um, to put it nicely, parts, in comics, but this one has them in spades. Ha, ha, parts...

Anyway, much like any quality pron, this comic book really doesn't have a plot. Mr. Okano, an uptight Social Studies teacher is dominated by Tokiwaa in increasingly humiliating and violent ways. A sadist falls in love with a fellow student but that doesn't cap his cruelty -- apparently, it's true romance to tell someone if they ever leave you you will kill them. And in a third tale, a student, convinced his teacher is gay, bullies him obsessively by committing a series of harassing acts bordering on hate crimes. One day the teacher, takes the student aside and is like: yup, you got me, I'm gay. BTW, I'm going to rape you. And, the student is like: oh, wow, this is horrible. But, then, he realizes he kind of likes it, and they fall in love.

I know that there are folks out there that really like this stuff. I know it. Man, on an off day, maybe I could like, no, actually that's not true. I don't have a problem with sub-dom relationships; I don't have a problem with pron. I don't really have a problem with this book (Okay, well, maybe with the last story in which the protagonist gay bashed and in which the gay character pretty much embodied every gay evil-doer stereotype ever). I really just didn't like it.

And, that is that.

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