AVATAR Anime to Graphic Novel/Manga in the works, the other one. Yes, The Last Airbender, not the cheesy glow-bowl imperialistic snoozefest (am I seriously the ONLY person who hates that film and finds its colonial message unsettling? Oh, wow, a "noble savage" argument, that's not condescending, right? Sorry, back to the subject.

Someone is saving Avatar: The Last Airbender after that sad, racist, live-action disaster. Oh, man, it was horrible. I mean, everything was wrong. Where was the humor? The love? The non-white people...oh, wait, the non-white people were the bad guys...I shake my head. And how I loved Avatar. I mean...Aang rules. Sigh. We should just collectively agree that that film never happened. 1, 2, 3...okay.

So, someone is finally doing something with Avatar!
Here's a link to the story by Kelly Chung Dawson of China Daily:

Hooray! I anxiously await Avatar: The Last Airbender--The Promise. The article states that it "will be released in early 2012 through Dark Horse Comics." Dark Horse is no stranger to the manga community, and has even collected some of their American comics in very manga-esque formatting in the past.

Now, if only someone would consider making it into a live-action film, THAT would be awesome.

(Selective memory is my friend.)


William Shakespeare said...

Hmm. I swore there was already a minimanga. Maybe it was a novel.

Will this be good? I hope so.

But, it's like the Akira thing. The source material is classic. Why mess with amazing?

o t t o said...

Oh don't worry, I hated avatar too, so you're not alone my friend. And that Live action was an absolute disaster. As soon as i saw who they cast for Katara and Sokka I knew I wasn't watching it.

Dr. M said...

I want a good Avatar.