A Visual Tour of Japantown

Shakespeare and her herbal liquor

There was a time when one could not get Becherovka in the US. One had to sneak it back in her luggage next to a few cartons of Czech or Swiss cigarettes. Now, one finds Becherovka at the local BevMo and Slivovice which one remembers sipping fondly one night with a friend after a drunken and giddy bike ride back from a Halloween party at Dr. M's, at Trader Joe's.

In any case, it is neither here nor there, but one Mr. William Shakespeare is a little drunk and giddy on Becherovka and fondly remembering her youth of folly, frolic and fun.

Speaking of, one Mr. William Shakespeare attended a lovely hang out time with Dear Friends in San Francisco's Japantown, and this one Mr. William Shakespeare wanted to share with the world.

It is a party if you are an action figure and a Robocop.

Who first broke the news of chair socks? This blog. Yes, Squeefinity. Get Chair Socks Today!

I'm 100% positive Disney did not actually license this. It seems more like something I'd find in Chinatown.

Cube Mickey!!!!

A little white or red wine?

Unfortunately, Shakespeare is terribly allergic to wine, which is why she is drinking Becherovka, which, she is  uncovering, just at this moment, she might actually also be allergic to, as well. Sigh. How could anyone ever love a girl who is stupidly allergic to all things fermented? :(

Someone who does eat cakes: Please, oh please, eat these cakes.

This is actually one of my favorite places in Jtown: Murata's Cafe Hana

Murata's Cafe Hana Seriously has the most adorable cakes in the whole world. And if I ate sugar, I would stuff my face with them. They also have really good coffee drinks. But most importantly, the staff here is super nice. They are very sweet, in a kind of Midwestern way.

Maybe that's why I like Jtown so much. It, oddly, reminds me of home.

Izumya all dressed up for x-mas

Izumya all decked out for x-mass. This place has some serious Japanese home cooking. YUM!

Thanks, Lani for all the great pictures. L & B let's go to Jtown again soon.

It is late, and I drank too much, and I'm feeling nostalgic and sleepy. Reviews to come!


Mr. Empty said...

Master Chief in a tuxedo is about the best thing I've seen today. Is he wearing the armor under the tux??? Is he just wearing the helmet by itself? I'll never sleep again...

William Shakespeare said...

@susan_and_joshua: Yes, that is a suit of armor. That display was one of the most lovely things I witnessed in ages. So strange.