So-Bad Sunday! Shocking Pink! (manga)

What? Shakespeare added this shockingly censored image!

Title: Shocking Pink!
Author/Illustrator: Yasuiriosuke (I'd use a psuedonym too!)
Publisher: Project-H
Rating: HOLY NO! XXX? Do they still have that. NC-Nobody!

Okay, first of all I cannot, Dear Readers, post any images from Shocking Pink! And even if I could, I don't know as I would post any, because it's gross. And, um, the plot, uh? Well, the plot says  it is based on the Chinese Story of the Three Kings. Sure, just the way Dragonball is based on Journey to the in, not at all except for some names. This thing is a chaotic mess and a royal (there's a pun there) hump-fest. I can't follow much of anything except that a crazy woman with very large breasts is convinced that she is the reincarnation of Lui Bei, founder of the Han Dynasty. She shows up randomly the doorstep of the main character, Takyaaki Morkuzu, because she believes that this high-school student is the reincarnation of her "tactitian," Koumai Shokatzu (their names are spelled the same in Kanji). He calls her a nut, and she humps him into submission. Then things get really confusing. Two other reincarnated kings join Lui Bei and they share their goal for world domination, which consists of getting knocked up. Also the neighbor girl is in love with Takyaaki and peeps on him before offering to become his love slave.

Then there's a wrestling match with the neighbor's one-eyed, bad-ass older sister, and that turns into some crazy orgy thing, and then...the end? I feel dumber just for having read this. I also feel dirty and gross. How can something so porny be so decidedly unsexy? Maybe that takes talent, but I'm really not interested in figuring it out.

So, in review I have three things to say about Shocking Pink!: too many juices, what the hell just happened, and the Japanese have some sort of crazy eye-patch fetish that still confuses me. In summation, no, because it isn't even good porn.


o t t o said...

Oh wow, that sounds like an absolute mess, haha xD

shika said...

Had me wanting to read at "big boobs"