So-Bad Sunday: Shakespeare's Insomnia

Artist rendering of William Shakespeare suffering from lack of sleep

That's it! No one gets a So-Bad Sunday from Shakespeare this weekend! I planned on writing something last night, but fell asleep whilst composing my oeuvre. Look at that fancy word, Dear Readers. I think it means complete body of work. For our purposes, we'll say it covers one blog entry. This one.

The truth is, I didn't read anything bad this week, and I have what seems to be some really good reading on the horizon. The person behind my persona has another project going, which is a music oriented, so the next few reviews will follow that theme. Expect some ramblings on 20th Century Boys, Detroit Metal CityAi Ore, and the ever iconic and classic, Gravitation. Oh, Eri Yuki, finally I will pay homage to you in the only way I know how.

Eri Yuki, you seem more like a Cramps guy, but I guess it's Bad Luck that you love.


Dr. M said...

If you're going to discuss Bad Luck, you must post some lyrics and analyze them. If you don't I will.

Rock on, Spicey Marmalade!

William Shakespeare said...

so far 20th century boys is amazing, btw.

o t t o said...

Oh Gravitation, I need to love you all over again. Cant wait to hear your thoughts on everything~ I enjoy your posts c: