I Want to Bite (light novel)

Title: I Want to Bite
Author: Isaya Takamori
Illustrator: Chigusa Kawai
Rating: 18+ MA
Fun fact: I LOVE books, but I'm not fond of light novels.

Here is a non-fiction story entitled, Dr. M's reaction to reading I Want to Bite.

 Dr. M's reaction to reading I Want to Bite.

Dr. M sat on her gray exercise ball and bounced away as she logged into eManga. There in the list of titles for review sat a vampire story entitled I Want to Bite. She clicked tentatively on the link and only got as far as the title and first name of the creator...the ever-lovely Chigusa Kawai. Dr. M grinned widely and chuckled softly as she inwardly rejoiced--"Chigusa Kawai and Vampires!" She bounced faster as she clicked on the pink "READ" button. Images of Georges and Robert from La Esperanca swam around in her head. But what was this? Kawai didn't write it, she only illustrated it. Dr. M's eyebrows lowered into her signature frown and her bouncing slowed. "That's okay," M thought, "She did illustrate it, so there will be tons of lovely vampiric wind!" She clicked "next" on the digital reader, and there were words. "Next," more words. She made a deep rumble in her throat that sounded like a growl, "Oh, man...a light novel?" She stopped bouncing and uttered a "meh," before clicking the x to close the viewer and moving on to the next selection.
The End--A story by Dr. M

Okay, I don't have anything against light novels, but I wanted a manga. Kawai did like 20 illustrations for this and nothing more. It was, to say the least, disappointing. And I may have read it, IF...IF there weren't like 20 other books waiting to be read on my actual shelves. This one gets saved for later, or maybe if we're lucky, Ms. Shakespeare will give it a read. Light novels are more her thing.

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William Shakespeare said...

Wow, dude. I will read that. You are silly. Light novels take like an hour to read! Get on the bus, Gus!