Squeefinity in the Haps!

Dear Readers, quiet though you may be (comment already, you guys...we see you lurking), Squeefinity is trying to make ourselves louder. We had a great 2011, because we began to take our role a little more seriously this year. For 2012, we want to step it up a notch with more reviews, another attempt at a give-a-way (no one wanted a copy of the worst manga Dr. M owns? Bizzare, right?), polls and queries, news and maybe a few guest bloggers.

This past year we began, in earnest, to post a few regularly scheduled theme days, and tried to bring you our unique (read that as: weird-old-academic-literary critic-fangirls) perspective in reviewing anime, manga and even a light novel or two. We write because we love. And we do love, Dear Readers, we love you, we love characters, we love complex plots, we love silliness, we love angst, we love triumph, we love frailty, we love good writing, and we love hot anime boys, because we are, admittedly, kind of pervy at times.

This next year we resolve to bring you more. So follow us on twitter @squeefinity, circle us on Google +, follow us here, put us on your RSS feed, drop us a note, a comment, an email, and in return we promise more good things on our end.



Cynical Pink said...
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Cynical Pink said...

Ok, I'll bite. How can I resist Kon? I'm glad I found your site. I feel a bit of an affinity to you both. I, too, am a Dr. M, and I harbor an old love for Shakespeare's comedies. And of course, I spend too much time on manga.

Keep up the great site, and I'll be here lurking in the shadows ^_^

(Sorry for the deleted comment. I tried to edit it and failed ._.)

William Shakespeare said...

Oh, yeah! Thanks for reading!!!!

Dr. M said...

Hey-lo, fellow Dr. M! WE SHOULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Thanks for posting, we're glad you visit our little site.