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SuBLime Release Calendar

Hey, yaoi fans, you know you're out there, don't be shy, because we at certainly aren't. If we were would we admit to having read half the things we post about? No, no we wouldn't.

SuBLime Manga, seen below, releases its first digital yaoi at the end of this month.

Or above, if you're reading the captions.

The site is in beta, so you can be on the cutting edge of something...that's always nice, and it increases your cool points. SuBLime is partnered with VIS media, and appears to be along the lines of the old BeBeautiful publications, and might be continuing some of their old defunct titles...hooray! They will be producing downloadable manga soon, so sign up for their newsletter and support this new venture...especially if you like to see boys kissing other boys.


William Shakespeare said...

Oh my, that young man in the middle looks a little worried. What is this Yaoi?

Dr. M said...

Ms. Billiam, I do not know. It isn't credited to anything, but serves as the backdrop of their banner. The art reminds me of something one of us owns...I have a feeling I've read something by this illustrator before. It isn't Riyu Yamakami is it?