New Reviewer Mr. Empty and Other Squeefinity News

That's a sad name, isn't it? Oh, Dear Readers, Shakespeare and I have invited Mr. Empty to join us in posting reviews of anime and manga to You'll find his first review, a "First Impressions" look at the Code Geass-esque Blood Blockade Battlefront, below. And we guarantee that although his name is Mr. Empty, his heart is not a bleak and sorrowful place (well, not all the time).

Why add someone at all? Well, to be honest we figured, why not? Shakespeare and I have our own review styles, and perspectives, so we thought it couldn't hurt to add another voice to the discussion on We look forward to more of Mr. Empty's reviews as he becomes part of the Squeefinity team. What he may not know is that he's on double-secret probation until the swearing in ceremony, where we honor the long, century-spanning history of The Super-Secret and Semi-Loyal Order of Squeefinite Squeedom. It begins with the ceremonial recitation of the secret pledge to watch one's html "so Shakespeare doesn't have to fix it later," and ends with an arm-wrestling competition with James (which everyone wins because he has surprisingly little upper body strength).

So, that's new, but we're also planning some other new things to keep Squeefinity on the pulse of...well, we're planning some things. Here's what's coming down the pipeline:

An academic/writerly discussion of translations by yours truly, Dr. M, in which I complain a lot about the poor translation jobs I've been seeing lately, and admit that translating ANYTHING is actually a very difficult process.

Another Winchester Wednesday post by the often absentee James Parker Lombard. This one on genre and genre-busting.

More stunning discussions by Shakespeare, including a review of Saori Mieno's Full Bloom. 

A review (or possibly even reviews...yes, plural) of the classic manga/anime series Fruits Basket in anticipation of the February British re-release by MVM.

Mr. Empty's rebuttal to my claims that FLCL is pointlessly annoying. Will he prove me wrong? Maybe.

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Join us, Dear Readers!
Together we will be victorious and win the all the internets!


Mr. Empty said...

I'm that eyeliner-wearing alligator in the picture. Fyi.

William Shakespeare said...

@Mr. Empty! Welcome Aboard!

Michelle said...

Hey, great blog!

Do you read the blog over on Manga UK? They post some really interesting articles and I think it may interest you!

Mr. Empty said...

@Michelle I hadn't been on their site before, but the Know Your Anime comic is pretty funny. :D thanks for telling us!

William Shakespeare said...

@Michelle thanks for sharing and reading!