So-Bad Sunday! The Legend of Koizumi (Anime)

See this guy? We'll he's the angry, mai-jong addicted former Prime Minister of Japan, Koizumi Jun'ichirou.

I am angry faced! See my rage! Arrrrgh!
And here he is in non-anime form shaking hands with possible alien, and full time weirdo, Tom Cruise:

Your Thetans are doing well in this meat body, Mr. Prime Minister!
Hey, same suit...interesting! In The Legend of Koizumi former Prime Minister (pictured above in both real and anime format) is the target of an attempted assassination. He is shot repeatedly, but does not die...he has a mission to fulfill.

Somewhere off the coast of Japan on what looks to be an American aircraft carrier, Kozumi's assistant watches as Kim Jong-Il picks his nose and chaws on some pigs feet.  Kozumi shows up, despite being critically injured and challenged Kim Jong-Il to mai-jong. Another former Prime Minister joins him and Kim Jong-Ils son (wearing Mickey Mouse ears), sit to play. Then I get really lost. And I'm not JUST lost because I don't understand mai-jong (although I do not understand mai-jong at all). I'm lost because this is dumb.

The premise of this series is that all of the worlds problems are secretly solved/negotiated via a series of underground, top-secret mai-jong games.

And then they make fun of the Chinese for a while. How very Japanese? Meh. It turns out they resurrect a zombie Mao Zedong while Koizumi's irritating assistant continuously pees himself.

I stopped there. You shouldn't have to make it even that far, Dear Readers, just trust me on this one.

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Oh, this is a must watch, eh?