Black Butler 8 (Manga)

Dear Yana Toboso,

Please don't lose your stuff, okay? I'm asking with all of my dear little heart. There are so many manga I super-duper loved that just petered out around Vol. 8. Please don't let that happen with Black Butler.

I already have to defend this comic with my friends who call it shotacon, (and well, it kind of is but not in that gross sexy kind of way, at least not yet. Please don't let that happen! I'm begging you.).

You see, Yana, it's like this, I just don't think much happened in this volume. It was mostly a bloodbath with Sebastian at the fore and Ciel calling the shots. Yes, I know that you gave us some background on the Phantomhive servants. I appreciate that. They are adorable and bad ass.

But it just dragged on forever, and you had Sebastian kill all the adorable circus kids, who you spent the whole previous volume fleshing out. It just felt like a big build up to an easy end, like you were all: well, this storyline is tiring and going nowhere, I will just kill everyone. Then I'll have Ciel act weak and vulnerable and have Sebastian give his wicked little smile and carry him around like a nice person. Then, I'll put in a fiery, windy kind of epic scene where I show off their contract.

Then something happened with the reapers, but I was so spent from the bloodbath that I didn't pay attention, and then I really didn't pay attention to the last chapter with the tailor, which I'm sure every fan girl on the planet would like to punch me for saying. Sorry. It was boring.

Please, Yana, please, please, please, don't let this manga get boring! Fight for a good strong story that's worth reading! Do it! I believe in you!

<3 William Shakespeare

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