Girls Und Panzer : Wha???? Huh????

I feel like I'm pretty liberal when it comes to anime. I have a high tolerance for bizarre things, for dumb storylines, nonsensical dialogue, flat characters.

But then we come to Girls Und Panzer, which translates to Girls and Tanks. Just, just sit there, read that title, and think about it for a minute. Girls And Tanks. Girls. Tanks. And.

I have no idea who this series is for. The girls are really cute and there's a lot of girly stuff and girly jokes and that's all good and well for a show that's for young girls. BUT there's that "and" which leads to tanks which is just so freaking random. Basically, the girls are all driving tanks as some sort of after-school activity??? What the hell??? Did anyone who made this show know how much a tank costs?????? What the hell kind of school can afford a half-dozen tanks???? WAIT A MINUTE, they just made me forget how frickin' crazy it is that TANKS ARE AN AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITY in the first damn place. There's this really bizarre sequence where they watch a propaganda tape about how these tank games are the best thing for women! Men don't like women that don't drive tanks! ???????? what?????? Who made this show? What tank fetishist got his hands on a production license? Who is a tank fetishist??? Why? Also, if they are a tank fetishist, why throw all these random little girls on the tanks? And why make them spout off random tank minutiae? Wouldn't you just want to glare lustfully at old World War footage on the History channel???

I literally don't think there are enough question marks in the world to express my confusion at this series. I have no idea who it could be possibly be for. I don't really understand what it's about it. I can only hope that someone, somewhere, is getting their jollies from it. If not, I don't think there's any hope left for mankind.

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