Buddy Complex : Complex, Not Many Buddies?

Just having recently downloaded the first episode of BC, the only one available at the moment, I have a whole bunch of questions and no real answers. Some of these may be due to terrible subs on my version of it, but I'm guessing it's just kind of confusing.  It appears to be an anime about slice-of-life Japanese high school kiddos, the main character a floppy-haired boy named Aoba. He's starting high school (maybe) and there's a cute girl with black hair that blushes constantly and stalks the shit out of him. Adorable. (His name makes me think of the baobab tree)

See? Basketball, stalking. Typical day at a Japanese high school.
*announcer voice* BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Not only is it a slice of life, but also...MECHA!!! Mecha everywhere. Literally. From the sky...under the ground...mecha mecha come out whereever you are.
It's pink because girl pilot. Gender stereotypes are alive and well in anime.
*announcer voice* BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Apparently one of the mecha, and some characters, have traveled through a wormhole and time travel is possible!!! Wow, it's turned into some kind of Terminator-cum-Gundam thing with awkward high school stuff going on. Surely that's plenty, right? Surely we don't need yet another facet on this diamond of a PILOT EPISODE.

Wormholes and such. Jake Gyllenhaal may or may not be involved.
*tired announcer voice* BUT WAIT, APPARENTLY THERE'S EVEN MORE. To wrap up the whole episode, they go through the damn wormhole they came in, except this time the future people drag the protagonist with them, and he wakes up in some new mecha in the midst of a massive firefight, looking for Dio. Why is he looking for a dead rock singer who tried to fill the massive, heroin-splattered shoes of Ozzy and ended up just singing Holy Diver? Why would you make such a complicated episode for a pilot? Why are Japanese sweeps in the dead of freaking winter? Why can't I find torrents with quality subs? I don't know if Buddy Complex will answer these questions, but we can only pray and watch.

Who even are these people? You sure don't know from the pilot. Except floppy-haired Aoba.

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