Un-squeee-lievable! Ouran High School Host Club (Anime)

Kiss, Kiss Fall in Love...Squee, squee squee...

I'm re-watching Ouran High School Host Club, for the first time since it came out in Japan. I guess that was like three years or so ago, when I lived in Michigan and M lived there, too. Every week she would come over, and we would gather around my stolen internet and watch fresh fan subs. We were so rabid for this show that we would sometimes watch it in Japanese and then find some blog or another with breakdowns and screencaps. We would both freak out if our favorite fansubbers were quiet for a while. We could not live without the antics of Tamaki, Haruhi and the rest of the club. From episode ichiban, I put this in the best of the best anime catagory. It is a great, thoughtful comedy with some sad moments peppered in.

So, why am I writing about it now? Hrm. Well, I haven't updated in a while! And, I've been rewatching the show, this time, in Japanese without subtitles, and I'm catching a lot! That's not to say I know much at all. But, there are times when I'm kind of dinking around with something else and this is on in the background and I realize, Oh, I just understood that whole conversation.

The show has a ton of words and phrases that any beginning Japanese student can pick up on pretty easily. So, I'm reccomending it for the learners in our audience (of one or's lonely here at Squeefinity!).

Seriously, though, this is a great story and full, full, full of laughs. With so many cute bishounen it's made for fangirls. But, hah, it is a show that KNOWS it is made for fangirls, and it takes every opportunity to break down that wall. Large portions of episodes are devoted to showing how stereotypes feed fantasy. The boys know their roles and they play them well.

Yet, the show itself is unique and lovely.

I know I'm not really sharing any details here. I think because it's just better watched. JUST WATCH IT.

M. I think, loves the Manga. I'm not such a fan. I think it's too hyper, and goes on for too long, but I'm sure she can speak to that.


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