Pupa: A Monster Frustration

If I ended the review right now, it would be comparable to the length of this show.

Each episode of Pupa is about four minutes long, if you include the title sequence, which is a solid minute. A whole QUARTER of every episode is the freaking title sequence. I've watched the first five episodes, which took up less than half an hour of my life, but it was a hell of a frustrating hour.

The show actually has excellent artwork, and it probably has an interesting story. (It's about monsters and it has some implied gore) However, three minutes doesn't do shit to tell you about that story, and it makes insanely huge jumps between episodes. Sometimes there are flashbacks, or something? It's just really really difficult to follow, even if you watch it in sequential order, it has the most disjointed feeling.

Until it gets about thirty episodes and some intrepid Internetite takes it upon themselves to cut out the title sequences and throw it into a single comprehensive piece, Pupa is probably not worth the effort required to try and follow the story. Just rewatch Neon Genesis for the hundredth time instead.

Pupa and neglect made him cry.

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